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Quality and affordable are two words used to describe our repair department. All of the repair work done by Music Solutions technicians is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you are not satisfied we are not happy. Our second goal is to get your instrument back to you in a timely manner. We know how important it is to be practicing and playing on your own instrument. Music Solutions repair technicians have had the pleasure of learning the instrument repair trade from two of the most well-respected technicians in the field; Jerry Haynes and Chuck Hagler.

The brass work we offer is the following: Cleaning, flushing, polishing, dent work, solder work, stuck/frozen valves and slides, water key spring and cork replacement, complete overhaul, lacquering, spot silver plating, and custom work.

The woodwind work we offer is the following: Cleaning, flushing, polishing, dent work, stuck/frozen keys, pad replacement, adjustment, alignment, regulate and complete overhaul. 

Music Solutions does offer some work on stringed instruments including the following: restringing, tuning and adjusting.

Please note that every instrument is repaired to playing and working condition or per the owner's request. Repair pricing varies based on the instrument, materials and time it takes to repair. Please use the contact form or call us directly to arrange to get your instrument to Music Solutions. Music Solutions accepts all forms of payment including checks, money orders, debit cards and major credit cards.